Stay Fit Stay Beautiful

External beauty requires physical fitness. The word beautiful can only fit in to some one’s personality when he acquires a body which is smart and healthy.  In today’s world obesity is disliked like anything. Fatness not only makes you look ugly but it also makes one’s life difficult. This difficulty originates out of health disorders like heart problem, hypertension, anxiety and etc. Now people have become so conscious that majority of world population thinks about the way through which they can keep their selves fit and fine. The one way of getting slim these days is getting really hype and fame known as thinspiration. The urge look to as slim as one’s role model is the approach developed within the school of thinspiration.  The advice to all those who want to look slim as their role models are is don’t get obsessed about it. This approach is originated from eating disorder pro ana.

The word pro anorexia is originated from the word pro Ana. Pro ana are the girls which are very thin and looked as a role model by the people who want to get slim. This is an eating disorder because it led you to opt for unhealthy eating habits. People don’t feel like having food because they believe that they cannot afford to have food because it may take them away from their task. Thinspiration should only be taken as a motivation for keeping one’s body in the rhythm and order. It should only be taken in consideration to trigger one’s energies to keep him healthy and fit. The idea of weight is not bad at all but the ways to get you target may not be an appropriate idea. One should not take give away his senses to decide what is wrong and write for him. The right to live a healthy life is justified but to put health at stake is not sensible.

The life of you role model is entirely different form yours. Their profession requires that level of fitness which makes them very skinny and slender; they put huge effort for weight loss. The life of a normal person is entirely different from the celebrities. It is only wise to get inspiration from them to live a life which encourages physical fitness. After that one’s efforts are required to live healthy life. Healthy life enables one to live quality life full of happiness, joy, optimism followed by success and progress.           

Pro Ana Diets

If you have been checking out all the pro Ana diets available on the internet and are looking for that one miraculous thinspiration diet that can change your life forever, then you really need to know how to segregate husk from hay. The virtual world is flooded with pro Ana tips. What is even more surprising is that more than 90 % of these articles and contents have no idea about the origin of the term Pro Ana. There are hundreds of people who promote pro Ana diets but the major problem in almost all of these diets is that they have epitomized what has been medically proved to be a disease. Anorexia is an illness, and as much as it is a health issue, it has similar magnitude of mental problems as well.

What Are Pro Ana Diets

It is unpleasantly surprising that most pro Ana diets doing rounds on the internet are actually the natural eating habits of people who are suffering from Anorexia. Who, in her proper senses, would like to do something that is associated with an illness? The problem starts when an anorexic diet or eating habit is promoted or recommended as a thinspiration diet.

Pro Ana diets have nothing to do with anorexia nor do they have anything to do with health supplements and a series of undoable and unsustainable lifestyle regimes. Pro Ana diets are all about losing the undesired weight and keeping it off. What it harps on is that like the anorexic diets, if one can restrict the calories that one consumes every day and manage to religiously include some healthy good items and exclude some of the non recommended ones then you can actually lose weight and get back to the shape you have always wanted.

There are sites promoting Pro Ana diets that even go to an extent where young women are being advised to vomit in case they eat a little more than 500 calories a day. Does that sound like a healthy way to lose weight from any perspective?

Thinspiration Diet from 30 Days to Thin

30 Days to Thin is a book that can share with you the subtler details about Pro Ana Diets and Pro Ana Tips. It offers you insights on factors that you would never get to know unless you have tried out those brutal diets that would leave you more toiled than you had been ever before.
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Is a Stress Free Life Good or Bad?

It seems that the word “stress” is becoming more common in the venue of everyday discussions. We hear about stress on the radio, tension induced by the economy, the anxiety of losing a job and the stress that comes with very challenging work. It is easy to conclude that all stress is bad if the news and magazines were your only resources for information. But is all stress bad for you? Does stress have any positive qualities?

You may be surprised to learn that some stress is actually “good” for you in many ways. The trick to benefiting from stress is to moderate the level of stress in your life. Just as a healthy body requires water, a healthy body requires an amount of stress to maintain its health. Likewise, if a healthy body is exposed to too much water (or stress) there can be negative consequences like drowning (or heart attacks).

So you are probably curious about how stress could possibly be good for you. Let me begin by pointing out that there are different forms of stress. Physical and emotional stresses are among the many forms to which we are exposed on a daily basis. Emotional stress can include being worried about paying the bills or about that lump you recently found on your back. The good part of such anxiety is that it will often drive you to action to avoid the discomfort of the worry. In this case it would motivate you to sit down and figure out a budget or to finally pick up the phone to make an appointment with your physician. (Since we are already very familiar with the negative aspects of too much stress I am refraining from addressing them here.)

Physical stress can be similarly beneficial. Think about it a moment… If you lift weights or engage in a cardiovascular exercise you are stressing your body. You are exposing your body to the physical stress of a greater number of muscle contractions which leads to greater use of oxygen and production of waste products that require removal. This places pressure on your circulatory system by increasing the requirements for oxygenated blood. This causes the heart to pump faster and the lungs to process a greater volume of air. Simply put, you breathe hard when you run.

This physical exertion forces the body to adapt to the stressor by improving its cardiovascular health. This leads to a lower pulse rate and blood pressure which eases the burden on the continuously contracting muscle called the “heart.” This exercise induced stress also improves the functional capacity of your lungs which makes them more efficient. Just as with the heart, this improved efficiency lowers the lungs’ stress load as well. It seems to be counter-intuitive to realize that more stress leads to less stress!

These examples of exercise induced physical stress are also restricted by the “too much” boundary. If you run too far or for too long then your body can respond with an injury (e.g. shin splints) or with an excessive level pain. Both of these examples are quite effective methods for your body to tell you “don’t do that again.” The physical stress of weight lifting leads to a stronger musculoskeletal system by forcing the body to adapt as well. As with running, this level of exertion must be balanced with a period of rest and recuperation or else the athlete will suffer from overtraining. This is another very effective way for your body to tell you to “slow down” or “stop that”- depending on how far you have gone beyond the boundaries.

Soon you will hear another story on the radio or read another article in a magazine addressing the harmful effects of stress and how it is such a terrible threat to your well being. I hope that you will remember that these stories are addressing the presence of “too much” stress and not “all” stress. Coincidentally, adopting a “some is good” attitude towards stress may actually reduce the amount of emotional anxiety you may experience because you are able to understand the positive sides of it. Remember, if kept in balance, some stress can actually provide a healthy and positive impact on your life.

3 Ways to get the most out of your time at the gym

How many times have you been to the gym to see people talking on the phone, chatting to fellow gym goers, ogling at the females on the treadmill or generally just lazing about? I’ll tell you right now, in a year from now these people will look and act exactly the same. They won’t get anywhere with an attitude like that. When you make up your mind to totally recompose your body – it takes on a whole new level of seriousness that does not allow that sort of behaviour.

Why do you go to the gym? You go to the gym to workout, not to socialise and certainly not to have a rest and a laugh about. So if you’re serious about your gym work, have a look at this article to figure out how to squeeze every drop out of your routine.

1) When you walk into the gym, think of getting things done and getting out as soon as possible – Research has proven that the most effective workouts last only 45 minutes. The next time you hear someone say they spent 3 hours at the gym you should have a good hearty laugh. More than 20 minutes of cardiovascular exercise does not affect your physical fitness in any way – so why go for a 40 minute treadmill run when it won’t affect your body positively?

Thinking this way will put you on a timeline. It’s best to set a stopwatch as soon as you walk in and having periodic looks at the watch to gauge how much time you’ve been in and how much more time you’re allowed to spend in the gym. Ideally the maximal time you should be in the gym should be an hour. You’re on a deadline and everything is against you, so get moving.

2) Plan everything in advance – How many times have you gone into the gym wondering what you should do? Should you hop on the crosstrainer? Should you hit the peck-deck? Maybe you should just think about it first (and waste precious time?)

To avoid this way of thinking, plan your entire weeks workout well in advance of when you perform them. Meticulously plan your workouts, goals, performance in the gym. It may seem pedantic in the start but in the long run you will definitely see the benefits. You can just walk into the gym and know exactly what you’re going to do, reducing the time you’re in the gym and decreasing the mental load you have on you.
The other benefit of this logging ritual is that you can tell exactly how much you’ve progressed in a certain amount of time. Did you decrease your time on a 3k meter treadmill run by a minute? Amazing.
Without this you’re just a leaf in the wind. You don’t know what’s going on and you never will. This point is absolutely vital.

3) Get a gym partner who is equally serious about his or her workouts as you – This can be a huge huge benefit. When you have someone with you you’re pressured into taking action and so are they. You both are under the mutual understanding that you and them both have goals to meet. You push them when they’re losing momentum and they do the same in return.

Get a friend on board, and set goals for both of yourselves. You’ll realise how much this helps you in the gym once you get it done.
As a final note – Get serious. That’s as simple as I can put it. There’s no shortcuts, no easy ways out. You have to do it. Get moving!

3 Simple Tips To Get Better Nutrition Even If You Don’t Have Time

how to lose weight fast without exerciseTime is one of our biggest enemies when it comes to eating healthy and losing weight. Talking with my clients, I always get the question about how to lose weight fast without exercise ? The answer to this question is you can do it. I don’t recommend it, because exercise is important for your body to be healthy. BUT there are people who can do it. The trick to this is… you have to be very strict with your diet and make sure that you eat foods that are really healthy for you.

I’ve listed below 3 simple tips to get better nutrition even if you are short on time.

1. Cook in Large Batches
This is a must. If you can take 10 minutes and plan out the meals for the week, you can cook a large pot of soup, beans, etc that you can use multiple times throughout the week. Or go ahead and pre-cook your fish and chicken. You can eat these over the next few days.

2. Eat 1/3 Of Your Food Raw
Eating raw fruits and veggies takes no real preparation time and is one of the healthiest and best weight loss strategies around. Raw fruits and veggies contain loads of anti-oxidants, minerals, vitamins, digestive enzymes and fiber to clean your digestive tract and pull out unwanted toxins. It’s easy to grab some celery sticks, an apple, an orange, carrot sticks, etc.
The closer it is to nature, the better it will be for you and your waist line.

3. Eat Only When You Are Hungry
If it’s lunchtime at work and you don’t feel hungry, skip it. The worst thing you can do is to go out and grab some fast food and eat it simply because it’s time for lunch. Chances are your body can use the break from digestion and the junk food you would be tempted to get while on the run will only make you tired and sluggish.

In fact, occasional fasting is a healthy practice for most people. Simply tell yourself you are making a choice to improve your health and live longer. I have used this technique very successfully especially when I am traveling and there are just no healthy options. It’s OK to fast. Your liver needs a break from getting rid of toxins.

On the flip side, don’t get carried away with this and do things such as skipping breakfast everyday. Studies have found that people who skip breakfast are over four times as likely to be obese than people who eat something in the morning. If you’re looking to save time in the morning or for another meal, but don’t want to go without eating, opt for a quick superfood drink like a protein smoothie.
Breakfast IS the most important meal because it sets up your metabolism for the rest of the day.
Now go and put these 3 simple tips to good use. These tiny changes will produce BIG results for you.