Pro Ana Diets

If you have been checking out all the pro Ana diets available on the internet and are looking for that one miraculous thinspiration diet that can change your life forever, then you really need to know how to segregate husk from hay. The virtual world is flooded with pro Ana tips. What is even more surprising is that more than 90 % of these articles and contents have no idea about the origin of the term Pro Ana. There are hundreds of people who promote pro Ana diets but the major problem in almost all of these diets is that they have epitomized what has been medically proved to be a disease. Anorexia is an illness, and as much as it is a health issue, it has similar magnitude of mental problems as well.

What Are Pro Ana Diets

It is unpleasantly surprising that most pro Ana diets doing rounds on the internet are actually the natural eating habits of people who are suffering from Anorexia. Who, in her proper senses, would like to do something that is associated with an illness? The problem starts when an anorexic diet or eating habit is promoted or recommended as a thinspiration diet.

Pro Ana diets have nothing to do with anorexia nor do they have anything to do with health supplements and a series of undoable and unsustainable lifestyle regimes. Pro Ana diets are all about losing the undesired weight and keeping it off. What it harps on is that like the anorexic diets, if one can restrict the calories that one consumes every day and manage to religiously include some healthy good items and exclude some of the non recommended ones then you can actually lose weight and get back to the shape you have always wanted.

There are sites promoting Pro Ana diets that even go to an extent where young women are being advised to vomit in case they eat a little more than 500 calories a day. Does that sound like a healthy way to lose weight from any perspective?

Thinspiration Diet from 30 Days to Thin

30 Days to Thin is a book that can share with you the subtler details about Pro Ana Diets and Pro Ana Tips. It offers you insights on factors that you would never get to know unless you have tried out those brutal diets that would leave you more toiled than you had been ever before.
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