Stay Fit Stay Beautiful

External beauty requires physical fitness. The word beautiful can only fit in to some one’s personality when he acquires a body which is smart and healthy.  In today’s world obesity is disliked like anything. Fatness not only makes you look ugly but it also makes one’s life difficult. This difficulty originates out of health disorders like heart problem, hypertension, anxiety and etc. Now people have become so conscious that majority of world population thinks about the way through which they can keep their selves fit and fine. The one way of getting slim these days is getting really hype and fame known as thinspiration. The urge look to as slim as one’s role model is the approach developed within the school of thinspiration.  The advice to all those who want to look slim as their role models are is don’t get obsessed about it. This approach is originated from eating disorder pro ana.

The word pro anorexia is originated from the word pro Ana. Pro ana are the girls which are very thin and looked as a role model by the people who want to get slim. This is an eating disorder because it led you to opt for unhealthy eating habits. People don’t feel like having food because they believe that they cannot afford to have food because it may take them away from their task. Thinspiration should only be taken as a motivation for keeping one’s body in the rhythm and order. It should only be taken in consideration to trigger one’s energies to keep him healthy and fit. The idea of weight is not bad at all but the ways to get you target may not be an appropriate idea. One should not take give away his senses to decide what is wrong and write for him. The right to live a healthy life is justified but to put health at stake is not sensible.

The life of you role model is entirely different form yours. Their profession requires that level of fitness which makes them very skinny and slender; they put huge effort for weight loss. The life of a normal person is entirely different from the celebrities. It is only wise to get inspiration from them to live a life which encourages physical fitness. After that one’s efforts are required to live healthy life. Healthy life enables one to live quality life full of happiness, joy, optimism followed by success and progress.